Navigating The Site

Finding Products

You can navigate the new site in 2 ways. You can enter a product code or description into the search engine located at the top of the page. If you know the product code, type it in, and you will be taken directly to the page. If you are unsure on the code or want to search on similar products, just type in a word (e.g. 'Disto') and you will be given an overview of pages with the word 'Disto' in.

The other way to locate the product you are after is to use the navigation panels on the page. Simply click on the appropriate section you wish to look at, and you will be shown a brief overview of our most popular products in that section. You can then click on the 'Show Section Index' button to drop down a menu with all the sub-categories within that section. Then you can navigate your way to the products you wish to view.

Additional Product Information

To view additional information on a product, simply click on the appropriate thumbnail to view the details page. We try and ensure we have as much relevant information on the page as possible. If a product has a data sheet, or our own instructions, you will be able to download them and keep a hard copy for yourself.

We also have a tips and tricks section, where we offer help and advice on certain products. If you do require more technical information please email or call us and we will endeavour to find the correct information as soon as possible.

Product Description & Images

We always aim to keep our product details and images as up to date as possible. Unfortunately, from time to time, specifications and product designs may change. All of our images are meant to be a guide as it is the description that is most important. (Although the majority of all images are correct).

VAT Information

As the majority of our customers are businesses, all our prices on the site exclude VAT. Our website will work out the VAT for you before asking for payment. VAT is chargeable on all items shipped within the U.K.

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