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USB Video Colour Borescope
£ 150.00
(168.73 €)
Ideal for use in surveying pipes or other hard-to-reach places, equipment or furnishing installation, car repair, etc.
Video Borescope with Colour Display
£ 225.50
(253.66 €)
This portable video borescope comes with a 90mm TFT wireless colour display with up to 10m transmission range.
Articulating Inspection Camera
£ 863.50
(971.32 €)
Change the angle of the camera head up to 270 without having to remove the camera from the inspection area.
Dual Camera Probe
£ 93.50
(105.18 €)
Compatible with all ATP Borescopes.
5m USB Inspection Camera
£ 37.50
(42.18 €)
This easy to use camera connects directly to the computer or laptop via a USB port and takes its power from the same.
Digital USB Endoscope
£ 49.00
(55.12 €)
Flexible gooseneck probe adjusts easily to the shape required and then remains rigid for one handed use.
Standard Endoscope Kit
£ 650.00
(731.16 €)
A low cost, effective instrument to allow inspection and examination of normally inaccessible areas.
Telescopic Inspection Arm
£ 145.00
(163.11 €)
Extends to 1400mm and closes to 380mm for carrying.
Telescopic Arm c/w LED Light Pack
£ 230.00
(258.72 €)
Extends to 1400mm and closes to 380mm for carrying.